New CATEGORIES and TYPES of CREW were established to enable as many contestants as possible to take part in RR. Special score teams of various composition were set up to be able to assess the most objective way possible. READ MORE.
Competitions taken place at Rallye Rejvíz since 2014:
MUC.RR Medical Students Competition
  (MUC. RR takes place on Wednesday)
RLP National Competition – Physician Crews – Categories STANDARD and FREESTYLE
RZP National Competition – Paramedic Crews – Categories STANDARD and FREESTYLE
ZS Golden Headset – National Competition EMS Dispatchers
  (Most tasks of Golden Headset takes place in the RZP)
PHYS International Competition – Physician Crews – Categories STANDARD and FREESTYLE
PARA International Competition – Paramedic Crews – Categories STANDARD and FREESTYLE
  (National and international competition run simultaneously from Friday morning)
Category and type is chosen voluntarily by participants in application.
By choosing the right category all participants declare that crew is composed according to further mentioned rules and that they respect rules of Rallye Rejviz.
Category STANDARD (ST) ST stands for crews composed of the contestants working in EMS.
Category FREESTYLE (FS) FS stands for all other competitors, the composition of crews is arbitrary (e.g. 3 physicians, 4 medical students, fire-fighters etc.).
Maximum number of crew members in FS category is 4.
Competition Type
of crew
Obligatory composition Possible composition of crew
MUC.RR MUC 3 Medics* x
RLP RLP-ST 1 Physician + 2 Paramedics** x
RLP-RV-ST 1 Physician + 1 Paramedic + 2 Paramedics
(2 Cars)
RLP-FS x 1 Physician + max. 3 Competitors
RLP-RV-FS x 1 Physician + max. 3 Competitors
(2 Cars)
RZP RZP-ST 2 Paramedics + 1 Dispatcher (ZS) x
RZP-FS x max. 3 Competitors + 1 Dispatcher (ZS)
PHYS PHYS-ST 1 Physician + 2 Paramedics x
PHYS-FS x 1 Physician + max. 3 Competitors
PARA PARA-ST 2 Paramedics x
PARA-FS x max. 4 Competitors
    * Medic = medical student of 4th – 6th year of Faculty of Medicine.
Mixed crews (various Faculties of Medicine) are allowed.
Participation of medical students from foreign Faculties of Medicine is possible.
    ** Paramedic = paramedic, nurse, EMT or similar emergency medical care provider.
    x = unacceptable choice
Next rules:
1) If a crew borrows a vehicle with a driver who is not competing he cannot be considered as crew member.
2) Scoring the tasks is based on ST category, therefore we respect guidelines and competencies of all crew members.
3) If minimally 5 crews occurs in either ST or FS category, the category will be scored and announced individually. If not – the category will be assessed and set on the score list without ranking.
4) In case of too many participants, ST category will be favored regardless of application order.
5) Changing the category or the type of crew is possible at least 2 hours before the start of the first stage (usually Friday to 05.00 a.m.).
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