Minimal equipment of the crew

Minimal equipment of the crew
Vehicle according to the crew type
(personal motor cars are allowed, equipment for taking the patient into the vehicle is not assessed)
Bag-valve mask
Blood glucose meter
Injection needles and syringes
Cervical collar
Oxygen bottle 2l
Oxygen mask
Monitor with defibrillator
Bandages, sterile dressings
Suction Unit
Pulse Oximeter
Isothermic foil
Blood pressure meter
Diagnostic lamp & headlamps – must have your own!
Transport equipment – one at least
(stretcher, scoop, vacuum mattress etc.)
Pulmonary ventilator
Equipment for mass disasters
(triage cards, evidence sheets etc.)
Equipment for securing airways
(intubation tools, laryngeal mask, combitubus etc.)
Equipment for securing I.V. line
(infusion, desinfection, infusion set, tape, tourniquet)
pdf General instructions for tasks
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