• logo_rr_r_177Arriving to Kouty Desnou on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 in the evening, inform the registration:
    • Mrs. Lucie Sedova, phone +420 725 049 446
    • Mr. Jiri Juras, phone +420 774 801 099
    • Mrs. Miroslava Jurasova, phone +420 605 721 555
    • E-mail (for all): registration@rallye-rejviz.com
  • Arriving on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, an additional charge is expected (Wednesday dinner, bed, Thursday breakfast, lunch).
  • After arriving at the competition venue parking instructions will be received. Park your vehicle at the designated site, place the parking card behind the windshield of your vehicle – should be seen and checked at any time.
  • Proceed to registration place in the lower house, room K400 (next to reception).
  • Arrival May 23, 2019is required before 05:00pm!
  • In order to be registered you need:
    • The proof of the registration fee payment.
    • The license plate number and vintage of your vehicle.
    • Names and passport numbers of members of your crew.
  • At the registration you need to sign the attendance list. According to this signature, the certificates will be sent to your e-mail after the competition.
  • At the registration place you obtain your personal identifier tag. Your must wear it all the time on a visible place on your clothes, as well as a bracelet.
  • At the registration place you receive meal tickets for all time of the competition. Echange them for meals at the dinning room. It is not possible to get any meals without them.
  • Place the starting numbers, received at the registration, to the front and back of your vehicle. Other stickers e.g. advert stickers place at the sides or any other place you may find desirable.
  • The starting number determinates your start order in each particular task. The schedule and starting times into particular taksks will be posted after opening evening debate on the board in hallway of the lower house. Pay attention to it, please!
  • Changing category or type of crews is possible no later than May 23 (Thursday) until 11:59pm.
  • All information concerning the competition including the time schedule are placed on the panels in the hallway of the lower house.
  • The program starts at 08:30pm on May 23, 2019 (Thursday) in conference room R2.
  • During the Rallye Rejviz, all motor vehicle operation is governed by the Law of conventional road traffic in force in the territory of the Czech Republic.
  • Using special warning and lighting equipment on vehicles is possible only in the course of: common transfer in convoy, transport of injured, live rescue action or explicit instruction in itinerary.
  • There is a special Code for driving in convoy. Your agreement is necessary for taking part in the convoy.
  • The Radar speed checks will be provided during the Rallye Rejviz in order to comply with maximum speed. Speed limit in the Czech Republic is 50 km/hour in the communities and 90 km/hour on the open road. The results are involved into the complete point score.
  • Over the course of the competition you are asked to submit to an alcohol test. The blood-level alcohol limit for drivers in the Czech Republic is 0.0 ‰ (0,0 mg/l). In case of postiv test, the team is disqualified. In case the driver refuse to submit to this test, the team is disqualified as well.
  • Consultation to tasks places and start times are  held in the room K400 on Thursday from 11:00pm to 11:59pm.
  • Your 24-hour work shift starts with the competition start. Changing after the shift is not guaranteed.
  • Keep starting time for particular task! The starting vehicle with complete crew is supposed to be at the starting place at least 5 minutes before the start. The crew absenting at the start area at designated starting time cannot be admitted and the team cannot be evaluated in that particular task.
  • We recommend to your attention the general instructions for tasks.
  • Driving time on the course (stage) is not taken into an complete account. Time is only taken into consideration at the tasks and inserts.
  • The protest can be challenged only after remittance CZK 1.000 at the director of competition. In case of disowning of protest the remittance will not be returned.
  • Contact the staff in case of unanticipating incident:
    Phone: +420 731 594 238, e-mail: staff@rallye-rejviz.com


  • Instructions for participants, entourage and bystanders of Rallye Rejviz – Attachment No. 1:
    This attachment regulates recording audio, video and photographic documentation during and in area of competitive tasks.
  1. Participants and bystanders of tasks during Rallye Rejviz competition acknowledge that organizing of International Professional Exercise and Competition for EMS Teams under the trademark Rallye Rejviz registered in Industrial Property Office belongs to its owner, RALLYE REJVIZ z.s., and is legally warded by Law No. 441/2000 Sb. Trademarks. The owner only may use trademark in connection with products and services.
  2. In order to record audiovisual material or photographic documentation during and in area of tasks person has to be accredited according to Rallye Rejviz rules of accreditation. This does not apply to members of z.s. RALLYE REJVIZ and members of Rallye Rejviz organizing team.
  3. Commercial using any audio and video recordings or photographic documentation where the brand “Rallye Rejviz“ is visible, during and in area of tasks is forbidden, and the owner of trademark takes legal action to prevent any further sharing of mentioned documentation.
  4. Movement and activity of camera-men and photographers in area of task is directed by task judge. In case of disobedience camera-man / photographer will be shown out of the area of task.
  5. Verbal approval of task judge has to be acquired in order to use external source of light or external flash in area of task.
  6. These instructions are obligatory for participants, entourage and bystanders.
pdf General instructions for tasks
pdf Main principles of judging/scoring at Rallye Rejvíz & Minimal standard of action during tasks at Rallye Rejvíz
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