Competition for students of Medical Faculties (4th–6th year)

Try emergency and disaster medicine in practice!

After receiving the positive feedback from workshops at the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University we decided to offer practice of knowledge in emergency and disaster medicine to FM students. As a bonus we offer attendance at the world’s biggest emergency medical service competition Rallye Rejviz which take place after the competition for medics (MUC.RR).
MUC.RR take place on Wednesday, 24.05.2023 from 12:00pm as a practical competitive employment where teams of medics play roles of EMS crews.
Teams compete in practical tasks from emergency and disaster medicine based on real cases of EMS. Transportation between tasks is taken on foot and all necessary equipment is available at place.
After MUC.RR you will be able to explore the role of players and organizing team during professional competition Rallye Rejviz.
Content: Practical try-out of basic pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care algorithms with focus on patient examination and treatment, basic and advanced resuscitation.
Practical try-out of skills in simulated scenarios in the form of competition, with many experienced paramedics and emergency physicians.
Key topics: 1. First contact with the patient – recommended (standard) procedure of the examination and deals with the urgent cases (algorithm ABCDE/SAPMLE).
  2. Sudden failure of one of the basic vital signs – CPR.
  3. Severe trauma and basic procedures at mass disasters.
What to bring: – Adequate outdoor clothing and shoes
– Pen and paper
– Actor clothes (clothes that can be damaged or destroyed)
– EMS crew equipment (suitcase, gadgets….), if you do not have your own, we will provide our equipment for the competition.
Information: Tasks: approx. 9 tasks in day and night stages.
  Registration, crew composition and next important informations: Rallye Rejviz 2023
  All teams work according to the rule:
“Rallye Rejviz is training and game – do all you can for patient´s benefit!”
Important links: Rallye Rejviz 2023
  Instructions for Rallye Rejviz participants
  General instructions for tasks
  “Glorious drive” (drive in convoy)


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