We thank all members of the realization team, especially volunteers. Rallye Rejviz would never exist and would never “live” up to now without all of them.

We are unable to put all people who are involved in realization of Rallye Rejviz on these pages. See, there are only the “visible” ones (if we have their publishable photos ;-)), but all of you who have partaken in RR are important. THANK YOU!

Founder of the Rallye Rejviz MUDr. Jiri Stana Smutek   CZ
Head of the Rallye Rejviz Jan Marsalek   RCS Brno – radiostanice.cz CZ
Spokesman   Jiri Pavlik   EMS of Moravian-Silesian Region CZ
Director of the Registration   Miroslava Jurasova   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
Registration, accommodation   Tamara Brablecová   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
    Jiri Juras   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
    MUDr. Tomas Ninger   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
    Lucie Šedová   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
    Hana Vackova   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
Cashier, shop   Lenka Marsalkova   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
    Mgr. Monika Winklerova   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
Staff   Pavel Kalmus   RCS Brno – radiostanice.cz CZ
    Hana Kalmusova Smutek  RCS Brno – radiostanice.cz CZ
Results   Lukas Rotrekl   RALLYE REJVIZ CZ
Preparation routes and itineraries   Jan Balej Smutek RCS Brno – radiostanice.cz CZ
   balej_jr Jan Balej jr.     CZ
V.I.P. Service   Josef Bas   OMS – MEDI CZ
    Jana Basova   OMS – MEDI CZ
    Ladislav Bedec   Mountain Rescue Jeseniky CZ
Head Judge of the MUC.RR   MUDr. Tana Bulikova, Ph.D.   Slovak Socie