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Competing teams
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Details about categories and type of crews
Competition Category Type of crew Crew Obligatory composition of crew
MUC.RR x MUC Students 4th-6th year faculty of medicine 3 Medics
PHYS: Registration only for alternates – capacity fullfiled!
PHYS STANDARD PHYS-ST International competition – crew PHYS-ST 1 Physician + 2 Paramedics
FREESTYLE PHYS-FS International competition – crew PHYS-FS 1 Physician + max. 3 Competitors
PARA: Registration only for alternates – capacity fullfiled!
PARA STANDARD PARA-ST International competition – crew PARA-ST 2 Paramedics
FREESTYLE PARA-FS International competition – crew PARA-FS max. 4 Competitors
Other participants
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